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Adventurer exploring the unexplored path

Masatatsu Abe

"Dreams can become reality."
Adventurer exploring the unexplored path
Masatatsu Abe

Challenging the South Pole

Masatatsu Abe is a professional adventurer from Akita Prefecture, Japan. When Masatatsu Abe stumbled upon  a book during his childhood, he learned that a century ago, the first Japanese explorer ventured to challenge the South Pole. Inspired by this, he aspired to go even further south, conquer the unexplored path, and ultimately reach the South Pole himself. Since his early years until today, he has dedicated his life to realising this dream. In 2017, he pulled a rickshaw and travelled 6’400km, visiting 68 shrines across Japan. In 2019, he achieved the remarkable feat of being the first Japanese person to reach the South Pole alone on foot, using the Messner Route. In 2021, he attempted to challenge the unexplored route walked by Lieutenant Shirase, but was hindered by unfavourable weather conditions. His quest continues until the moment his dream is realized.

Masatatsu is a true NORQAINER – his life, his way