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International Manufacturer's Warranty

International Manufacturer's Warranty

Every NORQAIN watch comes with an international manufacturer's warranty of 2 years for all watches with standard movement and 4 years for all watches with manufacture movement. This can be claimed, if the NORQAIN watch was purchased from an authorized retailer, by presenting the official international manufacturer's warranty to an authorized NORQAIN retailer, distributor or service center. If registered in the first month after the purchase of the watch, the international warranty can be extended by 1 additional year on the NORQAIN website.

The date of purchase, the serial number of the watch and the "Activation Code" must be entered on the international manufacturer's warranty for it to be recognized by an official partner. Under this international manufacturer's warranty, service and repair work on your NORQAIN watch will be carried out by an authorized NORQAIN service center.

The following incidents are not covered by the warranty:

  • Damage due to external influences, natural disasters, accidents (impacts, shocks, etc.)
  • Theft, loss
  • Damage caused by incorrect handling or use of the watch
  • Wear and tear due to normal use and aging of the watch
  • Damage caused by tampering with the watch by a retailer, distributor or service center non authorized to service NORQAIN
  • If there is no international manufacturer's warranty or the "Activation Code" has not been activated.

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