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Service FAQ


What kind of movement does my watch have?

You can find information about the movements in the model description on our website.

How long is the power reserve of a watch with an automatic movement?

The power reserve of our models varies, between 40 and 70 hours. You can find the exact information in the model description on our website.

How can I change the date on my watch?

The date on your watch can be changed using the crown or, on certain models, using a pusher. It is important that the date is not changed between 22h00 and 2h00. You can find exact details in our User Manual.

My watch is running ahead or behind, what should I do?

It is best to take your watch to one of our authorized service centers to have the rate checked. If the movement has been magnetized, it can be demagnetized within a short time. Click here to find your nearest NORQAIN Service Center.

How often do I need to service my NORQAIN watch?

Movements should be serviced regularly to ensure that they function perfectly. We cannot give exact service intervals as this depends entirely on the watch model, the climate, the wearing habits and the careful handling of the watch by its owner. The guideline for servicing a watch movement is around four to six years.

How much do I have to move around to keep my NORQAIN watch wound?

The normal activities of daily life are sufficient to wind an automatic watch. However, inactive people, such as the elderly or bedridden patients, may not move enough to keep the watch wound. In these cases, it should be sufficient to turn the crown a few turns clockwise to wind it.


Is a sapphire crystal scratch-resistant?

We use sapphire crystal as standard for every NORQAIN watch. The hardness of sapphire is around 2500 Vickers and is relatively scratch resistant for normal day-to-day use. However, scratches can occur on contact with harder materials (such as quartz sand, granite or diamond).

What is the case material of my Wild One watch?

It is made of NORTEQ® material, an innovative composite product made of carbon fiber, which is six times lighter than steel and three and a half times lighter than titanium. It has a fascinating marble effect and contains a high-performance polymer matrix with 60% bio-based material (castor oil). It is also anti-magnetic and does not corrode over time. The residues from the production process are 100% recycled. This is simply revolutionary and was designed for NORQAINER (and of course others), sports enthusiasts all over the world.

How long will my leather strap last?

Leather is subject to a natural aging process and normal wear and tear over time. To prolong the wearing time, we recommend avoiding contact with water, cosmetics, perfume, extreme cold or strong sunlight. The wearing time of a high-quality leather watch strap is normally between 10 and 18 months, depending on your wearing habits.

Water resistance

To what depth is my NORQAIN watch water-resistant?

NORQAIN watches are water-resistant from at least 10 bar (100 meters) to 20 bar (200 meters). The exact water resistance of your watch can be found on the case back or on our website. In general, we advise you to be careful when handling water. Avoid swimming with the crown unscrewed or operating the chronograph pushers under water. You should also bear in mind that water resistance is not a permanent condition. Your watch should be checked at least every 12 months by an authorized NORQAIN Service Center.

How can I be sure that my NORQAIN watch is water resistant?

Send your watch for an annual water resistance check. To find your nearest service center, click here.

Warranty and prices

How much does the service of a NORQAIN watch cost?

The service price depends on the condition of the watch. Click here to view the service price list.

How long is the sales warranty of my NORQAIN watch?

Every NORQAIN watch comes with an international manufacturer's warranty of four years for the manufacture calibers and two years for the ETA and Sellita movements. The warranty can be extended to five years* for the manufacture calibers and three years* for ETA and Sellita movements by joining the NORQAINER Club here.

Do I have a service warranty on the repaired watch?

The international service guarantee is 2 years for a complete service and 1 year for a partial service and applies to the work carried out and the spare parts used.


Where can I send my NORQAIN watch for repair?

We have a large international service network with renowned partners who are happy to offer you a professional and reliable service. Click here to find your nearest NORQAIN Service Center.

What influence has a magnet field on my NORQAIN watch?

Strong magnetic fields from magnets or electronic devices can affect the accuracy of your NORQAIN watch. We therefore recommend that you avoid exposing your watch to strong magnetic fields, such as those generated by loudspeakers, refrigerators or some handbag clasps.

Where can I find the user manual for my NORQAIN watch?

The user manual is available on our website, click here to access it.

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