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The New Independent Swiss Watch Brand Going Its Own Way

NORQAIN is a brand with an unmistakable identity. The name is no coincidence – it represents our character:

N = Always open for the NEW

O = Going through life OPEN-MINDED

R = A healthy dose of REBELLIOUS

Q = Life is about enjoying QUALITY TIME


I = Always feeling INDEPENDENT

N = Proud to be part of a NICHE

Our logo with the two N’s symbolises the top of a mountain. These Swiss mountains have always inspired us. Their perfect imperfections have influenced our vision. It is this strong connection to our roots, this piece of Switzerland, which is contained in every NORQAIN watch.



NORQAIN is a fully independent, family-owned Swiss watch company located in Nidau (Bienne) in the heart of the Swiss watch industry. For Ben Küffer, CEO and founder of NORQAIN, Swiss made watches have a long family tradition. For more than 4 decades, his family has been producing Swiss Made watches in the Bernese Jura, the centre of the art of watchmaking. «It is the pride and joy of the family to unite this experience in NORQAIN. This makes it possible for NORQAIN to offer the highest Swiss watchmaking quality. The original Swiss values of quality, reliability, and trust have been deeply rooted in our family for generations and we stand by them with NORQAIN. The solid foundation on which NORQAIN has been built consists of know-how, experience and passion. I am especially proud that I have managed to put together my dream team at NORQAIN and was able to optimally fill the key positions in our family-owned company. The Chairman of the Board, Marc Küffer, has more than 45 years of experience in the manufacturing of Swiss luxury watches. He was also a member of the Board of the Swiss Watch Industry Association for more than 25 years. Ted Schneider, the son of the watch legend Théodore Schneider is also a member of the Board of Directors.

Mark Streit, a Swiss ice hockey legend and Stanley Cup winner, is also part of the management team and board. Mark underlines our attachment to the Swiss original values. Like everyone else on the NORQAIN team, he shares a great passion for the art of Swiss watchmaking».


Three unmistakable collections

NORQAIN stands for high-quality Swiss made watches. Our three collections – Adventure, Freedom and Independence which are available for men and women – are exclusively equipped with mechanical automatic movements. A NORQAIN is a watch produced in Switzerland with a strong design and a striking uniqueness. Every timepiece is handcrafted with unconditional attention to detail. The models of the three collections are in a price range of CHF 1500.00 – CHF 4500.00.-.


The Adventure Sport collection is a line with a sporty and strong character. The distinctive “NORQAIN pattern” on all the dials, the knurled bezel and the accentuated self-confidence of this watch make it unmistakable. This is the watch you will want to have with you as your companion on all your adventures.


The Freedom 60 collection is inspired by the 60s. Our inspiration from the new positive attitude towards travel, exploring, and the experience of individual freedom, all combined with our love for attention to detail, have led us to this design classic. The characteristics of this collection are the incredibly beautiful design elements – starting with the vintage straps with the unique “NORQAIN stitches”, followed by the box type glass with its origin in the 60s and the reduced dial with hand-applied indexes.


The exclusive Independence collection is for independent, nonconformist and successful people who aren’t afraid of their flaws and live in the moment. The chronometer certified model for both ladies and gents is available as a limited edition released only once a year. The collection will be presented at Baselworld 2019.


Unmistakable – The NORQAIN plate

Make your NORQAIN an emotional memory of your most beautiful and special moments in your life. The distinctive NORQAIN plate can always be found on the left side of the case of all models. This plate can be engraved with your own personal message. Your NORQAIN will celebrate your life accomplishments with you – your life, your way.


Our life, our way: The NORQAIN ambassadors

NORQAIN stands for people who go their own way in life, regardless of where the rest of the world is going: authentic, unique, rebellious and not perfect. This is why at NORQAIN we say: Our journey is an adventure, our destination freedom and independence. Our brand ambassadors Mark Streit, Roman Josi, Michelle Gisin, Tina Weirather, Felix Neureuther, Fabian Schär, Andreas Steindl and Lorenz Frey are true NORQAINERS, they live by this same philosophy and are the ideal ambassadors to represent the values of our brand.

In stores January 21st

Starting January 21st 2019, NORQAIN will present its collections at leading Swiss retailers and will work with independent family-owned companies like Spinnler & Schweizer, Sonderegger, Galli, Michaud (Neuenburg & Verbier), Zegg, Ruckli and Stäuble. On January 24th Mark Streit will launch the brand in the US and Cananda during the NHL All Star Game in San José. Mark will hand a personalised NORQAIN watch to all 44 nominated All Stars. Until the end of 2019 NORQAIN will be available at over 50 retailers worldwide and will present an interesting e-Commerce strategy where all sales incorporate the dealer network.


we are NORQAINERS – our life, our way

À propos de NORQAIN

Founded in 2018, NORQAIN is a fully independent, family-owned Swiss watch company located in Nidau (Bienne) in the heart of the Swiss watch industry. Driven by the excitement that comes with exploring the road less travelled, NORQAIN has three collections – Adventure, Freedom and Independence – that are exclusively equipped with mechanical automatic movements. In 2020, it introduced two Manufacture Calibres produced in collaboration with movement manufacturer, Kenissi. NORQAIN is a proud partner of the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) and the Official Timekeeper of the Spengler Cup Davos. In July 2020, the brand organised its second NORQAINER Challenge together with On. Available throughout Europe, Japan and the US, NORQAIN has an expansive network of retail partners that includes Bucherer and Kirchhofer in Switzerland; Wempe in Germany; Watches of Switzerland in the UK; Tourneau, Westime and Govberg in the US; L’Oro in Canada; Seddiqi in Dubai; and over 30 points of sale in Japan.